Bank Timing Update for BISP Payment Disbursement

Updated Bank Schedule for BISP Fund Distribution: Previously, you had the convenience of accessing funds around the clock via ATMs. However, when visiting a bank, you were restricted to withdrawing money between 9 am and 2 pm. It is important to note that there have been changes to the bank’s operating hours.

Presently, you have the option to withdraw funds from your respective banks between 9 am and 5 pm. Additionally, you can avail yourself of 24-hour ATM services to withdraw the funds. Furthermore, an alternative option is available for cash withdrawal at your nearest cash center.

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Please be aware that the disbursement of this amount requires biometric verification. You will need to place your thumb on the scanner to initiate the transaction. Therefore, it is crucial to take proper care of your fingers to ensure smooth processing.

Update on BISP Registration:

With the revised methodology, the program’s budget has been augmented due to the prevailing inflationary trend. Shazia Murri, the Federal Minister for Benazir Income Support Program, expressed concern during a recent meeting regarding the excessive impact of inflation on the livelihoods of seven thousand individuals.

Consequently, the program’s assistance amount has been increased. Previously, beneficiaries received twenty-five thousand rupees, but now they will receive nine thousand rupees through this program. If you are currently enrolled in the program, this revised amount will apply to you. If you haven’t registered or are deemed ineligible, you can initiate the registration process by clicking on the link provided below

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BISP New Registration and Payment Update:

With the revised registration process, there have been changes in the payment procedures as well. We will guide you on how to conveniently access the benefits of this program and receive your funds through the BISP program.

Previously, cash disbursements were made through JazzCash shops or the HBL team, resulting in long queues and difficulties, especially for women. To address these issues, officials have introduced new steps and updates to ensure a smoother payment process.

The operating hours of the Benazir Income Support Program offices have been modified, and the offices are expected to be open soon. This decision was made because many women faced challenges in collecting their payments despite waiting all day.

Currently, there are five tested payment distribution mechanisms under the Ehsaas Kafalat Program:

  1. Pakistan Post Money Order
  2. Smart Card Payment System
  3. Mobile Banking System
  4. Debit Card System
  5. Biometric Authentication System

These options offer various ways for beneficiaries to receive their funds securely and conveniently.

Q1: What are the updated bank timings for BISP payment disbursement in 2023?

A1: The updated bank timings for BISP payment disbursement in 2023 vary depending on the specific bank and branch. It is recommended to contact your local bank branch or refer to the official BISP website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding bank timings.

Q2: How can I find out the bank timings for BISP payment disbursement in my area?

A2: To find out the bank timings for BISP payment disbursement in your area, you can either visit the official website of the Bank of Khyber (BOK), which is responsible for BISP payments, or contact your local bank branch directly. They will be able to provide you with the accurate bank timings specific to your location.

Q3: Are the bank timings for BISP payment disbursement the same nationwide?

A3: No, the bank timings for BISP payment disbursement may not be the same nationwide. They can vary from one region to another and even from one bank branch to another within the same region. It is crucial to check with your local bank branch or refer to the official BISP website for the updated bank timings specific to your area.

Q4: Are there any changes in the bank timings for BISP payment disbursement compared to previous years?

A4: The bank timings for BISP payment disbursement can vary from year to year based on various factors. It is essential to refer to the updated information for 2023, as there may be changes compared to previous years. Contact your local bank branch or visit the official BISP website to obtain the most recent bank timing updates.

Q5: Can I receive my BISP payment outside of the designated bank timing hours?

A5: Generally, BISP payments are disbursed during the bank’s working hours and within the designated bank timing hours. However, in some cases, banks may have provisions for extended banking services or special arrangements for specific circumstances. It is advisable to contact your local bank branch directly to inquire about any alternative options or exceptions for BISP payment disbursement outside regular bank timing hours.


Being aware of the bank timing updates for BISP payment disbursement in 2023 is essential for beneficiaries to manage their time effectively and collect their payments without any hassles. The extended banking hours on weekdays and the introduction of weekend banking provide greater convenience and accessibility to beneficiaries. By staying updated through official communication channels, beneficiaries can stay informed about any changes due to public holidays. Remember, timely collection of BISP payments ensures financial stability and contributes to the overall well-being of the beneficiaries and their families.

BISP Contact Information

Telephone number0800-26477, 051-9246326
AddressBenazir Income Support Scheme, Block F, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad
Official BISP

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