PM’s National Laptop Scheme Update New 2023

Prime Minister’s Laptop Program 2023: Submit Your Application Now

The federal government has launched a scheme called the Prime Minister Youth scheme, in which free laptops are being given to young people. Under this program, it is intended to give students access to over 100,000 laptops so they can obtain high-quality instruction and training.

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023

The youth laptop program that Prime Minister Imran Khan had instituted had previously been stopped by the PTI administration. Instead, they introduced a different initiative known as the Prime Minister’s adolescents Loan Scheme, which provides adolescents with a range of advantages. This program covers the distribution of computers in addition to making admission to institutions of higher education easier.

Criteria for Exclusion: In order to take part in this program, a number of requirements must be satisfied. The following situations disqualify students from the program:

  • Students enrolled in private higher education institutions (HEIs), such as HIA.
  • Students who already have computers thanks to programs run by the federal or provincial governments.
  • Foreigners, except Azad Jammu and Kashmir students.
  • Students like Oan Khas who failed to complete their online application or present the necessary documentation.
  • During the distribution procedure, eligibility for obtaining a laptop will be determined. A student won’t be given a laptop if they don’t provide the required paperwork and proof of their academic performance.
  • Applicants will be questioned about if they’ve finished a degree program recognized by the chosen Taliban before the computers are given out.

New Student Registration for PM Laptop Program

National Laptop Program of the PM. Please follow these steps to submit an online application for the PM Laptop Scheme:

  • To access the online application, first go to the Prime Minister Youth Program’s official website.
  • Find the “Apply Now” button and click it.
  • Fill up the field with your ID card number. Your program eligibility will be confirmed by the system.
  • In the event that you are rejected, continue by inputting your first name and father’s name.
  • Include your birthdate and the full address of your present home.
  • Describe your employment situation and state whether you are a student right now.
  • Don’t forget to mention the college from which you want to receive your laptop.

Please be aware that the information above has been revised and paraphrased to improve clarity and the flow of natural language.

PMs National Laptop Scheme New Update 2023

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