Sehat Insaf Card Program In Punjab Sehat Program

The Sehat Sahulat Program and the Punjab Sehat Insaf Card Program both aim to offer healthcare services to underprivileged families in Punjab who cannot afford quality medical care. Please read the instructions below if you have any questions about the Sehat Insaf Card or how to use this program.

Families who qualify for health care can receive up to a million rupees’ worth of medical services each year, even if they are struggling financially. After realizing the difficulties Pakistan’s citizens were having accessing healthcare, Imran Khan’s political party, PTI, launched the Sehat Insaf Card Program in Punjab. The program’s goal is to deal with these problems.

Dear Citizens of Punjab, if the 8500 SMS you received indicated you were eligible, you may use hospital services from affiliated facilities by presenting your CNIC/B-Form. Please refer to the supplied Hospital List for a complete list of hospitals.
The Sehat Sahulat Program in Punjab is managed by the Punjab Health Initiative Management Company (PHIMC). For additional assistance, all permanent residents of Punjab are asked to call the helpline at 0800-09009.

Sehat Card Online New Registration 2023 Update


Initial protection: PKR 60,000 year per family Extra protection: PKR 60,000 per household
All medical and surgical procedures, emergency treatments requiring admission, maternity services (both normal and C-section deliveries), antenatal checkups (4 times before delivery and one follow-up after delivery), maternal consultation for family planning, immunization, and nutrition, fractures, and injuries, post-hospitalization care, local transportation at a cost of PKR 1,000 (three times a year), and transportation to tertiary care hospitals are among the services offered.

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Initial protection: PKR 300,000 year per family
Extra protection: PKR 300,000 per household
All medical and surgical procedures, end-stage kidney diseases/dialysis, chronic infections (hepatitis/HIV/rheumatology), organ failure (liver, kidney, heart, lungs), cancer treatment (chemo, radio, surgery), diabetes mellitus completion, burns and RTA (life, limb-saving treatment, implants, prostheses), and neurosurgical procedures are among the services offered.

Health Insaaf Card details

The Punjabi people have profited greatly from the Sehat Insaaf card, which has made it possible for them to receive treatment without having to pay for it out of pocket.
Imran Khan announced the launch of a health card in Punjab on December 13, 2023, in response to healthcare issues following the success of the Ehsaas Rahan program.

With his mother’s cancer battle as a personal example, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his serious concern about Pakistan’s dearth of cancer treatment facilities.
He came up with the concept of establishing health cards for people who are unable to receive treatment due to a lack of facilities after realizing this issue was a shared concern.

Imran Khan founded Shaukat Khanum Hospital, where people can get free cancer treatment when his mother passed away. As a result, the budget for healthcare was set at about 440 billion rupees. In Lahore, Punjab, on March 22, 2022, Prime Minister Imran Khan declared that every resident of Punjab would receive an Insaf Health Card.

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Following the methods to get Insaf Health Card

Utilizing your mobile device, send an SMS to 8500 with the ID card number.
On the Ehsaas Health website, register online. To confirm your eligibility, go to the distribution center at the district health facility and get in touch with the NADRA office.

The Insaf Sehat card will pay for any medical costs. If someone ever begs you for more cash, please call the helpline at 09009-0800 or go to
Sending an SMS to the number 8500 will allow you to confirm your eligibility before completing the online Qaumi Sehat Insaf Card Application (National Health Card).

In order to ensure that low-income residents across the country have timely and respectable access to healthcare services to which they are entitled, this online registration is a key step toward social security reform. With the Sahat Insaf card, patients can obtain medical care from any hospital, including pricey procedures. This ID card is linked to their medical facility.
You may find thorough information about checking the Qaumi Sehat Card online through the Sehat Sahulat service.

All Pakistani residents residing inside the nation’s borders, including those in Punjab, the federal government, KPK, Sindh, Baluchistan, AJK, and Gilgit-Baltistan, have access to this service, according to the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Sehat Card Online New Registration 2023 Update

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sehat Card Online Registration:

Q1: Who is eligible to register for a Sehat Card online?

A1: Any individual residing in the eligible regions can register for a Sehat Card online. The specific eligibility criteria may vary based on government policies and guidelines.

Q2: Can I register multiple family members under one Sehat Card?

A2: Yes, Sehat Card allows the registration of multiple family members under a single card. This ensures that the entire family can benefit from the card’s comprehensive healthcare coverage.

Q3: How long does the Sehat Card registration process take?

A3: The registration process usually takes a few minutes to complete. However, the processing time may vary based on the volume of applications received.


Sehat Card’s online registration update for 2023 has revolutionized healthcare access, ensuring convenience, affordability, and comprehensive coverage for individuals. By simplifying the registration process and offering a wide range of benefits, Sehat Card has become an invaluable tool for individuals seeking quality healthcare services. Register for your Sehat Card online today and unlock a world of hassle-free healthcare access. Join the healthcare revolution and prioritize your well-being with Sehat Card!

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