How to Apply for Sehat Card in Pakistan

Qaumi Sehat Card 2023 Check Eligibility

Sehat Card is a micro health insurance program for all citizens of Pakistan. It is one of the welfare programs of the Government of Pakistan. The program is being implemented by an insurance company selected through national competitive bidding. Under the program, More than 7.2 million families are getting free inpatient health care services; the beneficiary data is obtained from NADRA.

Check Eligibility for Sehat Card

Anyone from the province of Punjab can SMS their identity card number to 8500 to check their eligibility for the Permanent Resident Program. The person will receive a message informing them about the eligibility within a few minutes

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

The procedure to check your eligibility for a health card has been simplified. To qualify, you need your ID card number and mobile number to check your eligibility.

Sehat Card Check

  • First of all, you have to keep your ID card number and phone number with you.
  • After that, dial your ID card number on your mobile.
  • And the message to 7800
  • By the way, all people are eligible for this health card, but in case of ineligibility, you can file your complaint.
  • And you can add your qualification to the program.
  • Those who are already enrolled in this program can get their treatment at any hospital in Pakistan.
How to Apply for Sehat Card in Pakistan

From where can I get Sehat Card?

Your CNIC is your sehat card. You can use your CNIC card as your sehat card if you are eligible. When you go to a listed government/private hospital, bring your original CN. Take IC with you. A Hospital Facility Officer (HFO) will be available to assist you in completing the admission requirements through the Sehat Card.

Who’s included in the family?

The coverage of family includes:

  • Husband & Wife
  • Their unmarried children.
  • Children born in impaneled hospitals would automatically be added to the family.

How many times can I use the card in the hospital?

A family can initially spend up to Rs.4 lakh for priority healthcare services and Rs.60,000 annually for secondary healthcare services. Although in special circumstances, the treatment limit may exceed Rs.10 lakh annually.

How to Apply for Sehat Card in Pakistan

Sehat Card Code

Sometimes, the services will be offered even if the initial coverage limit has expired. For example, the same admission should be continued if a beneficiary is already undergoing treatment at a listed hospital and the coverage limit has passed. Similarly, if a beneficiary requires treatment for a life-threatening condition or condition, services will be provided to them even if their limits have already expired.

Helpline Custumore 

 For queries regarding Health Card in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, you can call 0800-89898 (KP) or send an email to: or For more details, see this website by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Health Card – KP.

Contact Information for Punjab: For queries regarding Health Card in Punjab, you can call 0800-09009 or 042-99332647 / 042-99332266 or send an email to: or For more details, see the Punjab Health Initiative Management Company (PHIMC) website: Sehat Card – Punjab.

 For queries regarding Health Card in other areas, you can call 0800-09009 and send an email to: or For more details, see this website, PM Health Program.

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